i couldnt find wadanohara overworld sprites so i edited some from the extras at the end. i’ll probably slice some individually later! these contains spoilers. please enjoy!!



Finally, an official commission post!

Hey guys! It’s been awhile since I’ve opened commissions, but in this time of desperate need, I’ll be needing some help.

If you can’t commission, feel free to lend me a hand spread this around!

Additional info under the cut.

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Magneton Girl Doodle


track: my neighbour totoro theme

artist: a music box heals you


‘my neighbour totoro’ music box


Could you imagine getting an apartment with the person you love. Falling asleep beside each other, and waking up to see that cute little smile they make when they first get up. You’d never a bad start to your day, because they’d be the perfect start.


you don’t realize how attached you are to someone until you go without talking to them for a bit